Severe winter storms can shut down entire cities and cause a strain on emergency personnel and the economy.

Early in 2018, a winter storm covered almost all of the East Coast. Various Florida cities were immobilized because they didn’t have the resources to clear snow.

The storm resulted in a foot of snow dropping on Boston and several streets were flooded with icy water. A total of 20,000 people in Massachusetts lost power.

In mid-November of 2018, there were 400,000 power outages in Pennsylvania. Many schools had to close and hundreds of drivers were stuck in overnight traffic delays.

Are you prepared for winter weather this year? One way to safeguard against a blizzard and power outages is by ensuring that you have a reliable propane delivery company on your side.

Read on to learn what four things you can expect from your propane provider this winter. Then find out what your part is. 

1. A Discussion About Your Propane Supply

Your propane provider should contact you before winter hits to talk about scheduling regular visits over the cold months. By pre-scheduling regular visits, you reduce your chance of running out of propane during a winter storm.

Remember, you can’t predict winter power outages and how long the roads will be inaccessible. It is best to have your propane supply topped up regularly over the winter months to prevent emergencies. 

2. Remote Monitoring

Good propane delivery services are able to monitor your propane levels remotely. This way, your propane provider can put your delivery at the top of the list if your propane levels have dropped rapidly.

Even if your routine delivery isn’t scheduled for a while, a good propane provider will prioritize a home delivery for you so that you don’t run out of propane.

This keeps you warm all winter and is cost-effective. If your propane tank goes totally empty, you’ll need to pay for a leak test before your tank can be refilled.

But, by having remote monitoring and automatic deliveries, you avoid the extra cost of a leak test and have propane at your disposal whenever you need it.  

3. Temperature Compensation

Propane delivery services also provide you with temperature compensation. This means that the volume is correct regardless of how cold it is outside.

That means that your propane delivery service truck will have a meter that measures how much propane is pumped into your tanks. The meters have an automatic temperature compensator.

This compensator calculates the temperature of the propane and adjusts the amount you get so you get exactly how much you ordered.

State and federal laws protect you from paying for more propane than you get. By law, the amount of propane you pay for has to be the amount that ends up in your tank.

4. Emergency Refills

The best propane companies understand that winter weather sometimes means customers will use more propane than they anticipated.

During winter storms you may be snowed in and riding out a power outage. If you have a propane power generator, it will quickly deplete your reservoir of propane.

For these scenarios, reputable propane delivery companies will dispatch emergency refills even after-hours. Often these deliveries are done in 4×4 trucks that can drive through the blustery conditions. 

Make sure you discuss emergency refills with your propane provider well in advance. The company will not only need to dispatch a driver with propane but also have enough propane to meet customers’ needs.

During snow storms, many propane providers can’t meet the demands of emergency refills. And they often can’t take on new clients who are out of propane during a crisis. 

before the bad weather hits, find out if your current provider is up to the task of providing you with any emergency refills you may need this winter. If not, learn how to choose a propane company

What Your Propane Delivery Company Expects From You

Now that you understand the four things you can expect from a propane provider, let’s look at what your propane provider needs you to do.

1. Mark Your Tank

You need to mark your propane tank to allow your propane delivery driver to find it in winter weather. When everything is white, a propane tank can be difficult to find.

Use a reflective flag, pole or metal stake to mark where your tank is on your property. Not only does this help your propane delivery company, but it also protects your tank from accidental damage from a snowblower or shovel. 

2. Clear Snow from Around the Tank

Your propane delivery company needs access to your tank to refill it. This means that it is your job to clear away snow build up from around your tank and valves.

You can use a snow brush or a broom to push the snow away from the tank. Don’t use a shovel because it could damage your tank.

Keeping your tank clear of snow and ice is also in your best interest. It prevents your tank from being damaged by heavy ice or snow. And it prevents carbon monoxide from leaking into your house.

3. Clear a Path

The last thing you want is for your propane delivery truck to get stuck in your snow-covered driveway.

If you are expecting a propane delivery, go out and shovel a path for the delivery truck. This is especially important if you have a long or bending driveway.

Bottom Line on Propane Delivery This Winter

Thanks for reading about what you can expect from a reliable propane delivery company during the winter season.

Remember, your best bet is to be prepared before that snowstorm hits. Keep your tank full and ensure that your propane company can deliver propane in an emergency.

If you want more information about propane delivery, installation and maintenance, contact us. Our team will be happy to help you. We can discuss propane delivery options as well as our flexible payment plans.