Pre-Buy Program

Buy propane for your home or business at a fixed rate

Propane in Advance at a
Fixed Rate

The Pre-Buy Program allows you to buy your propane gas in advance for the coming winter season at a set price per gallon.

Pre-buy your propane gas between August 1st – September 15th, or until the limited supply at this price is sold out. The minimum propane delivery purchase amount is 400 gallons.

Pre-Buy Program, Get Propane Delivery at a Fixed Rate
Roll Over Extra Gallons to Next Season's Propane Deliveries

Recommended Amount

As dependable propane dealers, part of our responsibilities is reviewing your usage and recommending the number of gallons to purchase based on your propane delivery history. However, you have the option to purchase more or less propane gas, should you choose to.

Extra Gallons at the End
of the Period

Unlike other propane gas companies, Kauffman Gas gives you credit for extra gallons on your account. At the end of the Pre-Buy period, the credit can be put toward any of the following:

  • Future Pre-Buy Programs
  • Future Budget Plan
  • Future propane deliveries

Any extra gallons of propane gas at the end of the period will be renegotiated each year for quantity and price.

Propane Tank Monitoring
Propane Delivery at a Fixed Rate for the Full Program Period

Pricing & Market Rates

All propane deliveries will be made at the same set price per gallon until the program period is over on April 30th or until you use up the Pre-Bought gallons.

Prices will not go up when the prevailing market rate increases, nor will they go down if the prevailing market rate decreases.

Any additional gallons needed will be billed at the prevailing market rate at the time of delivery.

Propane Delivery Service Area