Budget Plan

Make monthly payments based on your usage

11 Even Monthly Payments

The Budget Plan distributes propane costs by dividing your projected costs into 10 even monthly payments. The Monthly Budget amount is based on your actual propane usage last year, adjusted to eliminate the results of any unusually warm or cold weather conditions, as well as changes in propane costs. The first budget payment begins August 1st and continues through June 1st.

Budget Plan, Get Propane Delivered with Monthly Payments
Projected Propane Delivery Costs

Projected Propane Costs

We research the best data available on projected propane gas costs for the coming year. Projections are only as accurate as the data provided at the time of calculation.

Credit Balances at the End of the Period

Any account that has overpaid will be notified after June 30th of a credit balance. The balance will be carried over to the next season’s budget payment, unless we are informed to refund the balance before June 25th.

credit balance is usually caused by weather conditions that differ from the norms established over a long period of time. If the weather was more mild than normal, your usage may have been less than estimated. Increases can occur when the monthly payments for the next year are based on normal weather.

Roll Over Credit Balance to Next Season's Propane Deliveries

Payment Balances

Payment of any balance owed to Kauffman Gas is due by June 30.

Changes to Major Appliances

Any significant changes to your future propane use–such as the installation or removal of a major appliance–should be reported to a Customer Service Representative.
(610) 364-5304

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