Propane Delivery for Landenberg, Pennsylvania

Many homeowners and farmers in Landenberg, PA trust Kauffman Gas for their propane delivery, installation, and appliance needs.

Landenberg Propane Installation, Delivery, and Service

Located just 30 minutes away in Atglen, PA, Kauffman Gas has been a reliable propane service provider for Landenberg residents for over 60 years. We provide:

  • Trained and Qualified Drivers and Service Technicians
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Competitive propane pricing
  • Same-day propane delivery

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Automatic Propane Delivery Means You Don’t Run Out of Gas

Kauffman customers in Landenberg never need to worry about running out of propane gas. Kauffman Gas offers an Automatic Delivery program for customers that want to keep their home running without running out of gas.

  • We track your propane usage
  • We deliver propane to your residence
  • No need to call
  • No hidden fees!

Same-Day Excavation, Installation & Propane
Hook Up

If you just moved to Landenberg or live there and are considering a new propane supplier, give Kauffman Gas a call! Kauffman eases the transition of switching propane companies.

We install and hook up your propane appliances with minimal interruption.

Above Ground propane tanks can be installed and hooked up in a matter of hours. For Underground Propane Tanks, we handle excavation, installation, and hook up same-day!

Need a Furnace or Hot Water Heater Tune Up? We Do Repairs Also!

Kauffman Gas offers more than just propane delivery for our customers. Our expert technicians can also help repair and maintain your propane gas appliances. We service:

  • Propane Furnaces
  • Propane Gas Water Heaters
  • Propane Gas Log/ Fireplace
  • Propane Gas Stove, Oven Ranges, or Dryers.
  • Pool Heaters
  • Propane Generators

Purchased a new appliance and need a hook up? We can do that too!

Kauffman Gas is a Top Choice for Landenberg and other Pennsylvania Farmers

If you need propane to fuel your farming equipment such as dryers, call Kauffman Gas. Farms depend on Kauffman Gas because we offer dependable service and competitive pricing. We might not always be the least expensive, but we pride ourselves on our dependability.