It won’t be long before you’re warming yourself by your fireplace. But before you light a fire after a several month hiatus, it’s important to schedule inspection and maintenance for your propane fireplace.

Regular maintenance will help you save on energy bills and extend the longevity of your fireplace by:

  • Cleaning debris out of vents
  • Checking for gas line leaks
  • Cleaning the faux logs
  • Fixing breaks in the glass
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Here’s why you should get your propane fireplace inspected & cleaned:

Save money on your energy bills

Propane gas fireplaces are cost-savers compared to traditional wood burning fireplaces. When used to help heat your home, they can help cut your energy bills by up to 40%. But debris and build-up blocking the vents make your fireplace more costly to operate.

Regular maintenance ensures your fireplace is clear of gunk, so you use less fuel. You’ll save more on your propane bill by burning fuel in a clean fireplace.

Prolong the life of your propane gas fireplace

Just like a car engine, a fireplace requires annual inspection and maintenance to run smoothly. Regular inspection pinpoints any needed fixes to keep the heating unit up to par. Without a regular inspection, small issues with your propane gas fireplace might go unseen and turn into big problems over time.

For instance, the faux logs in your propane fireplace are one thing that should be cleaned regularly. Even though they’re fake, they can still deteriorate, and chunks of that debris can get trapped along the sides of your propane fireplace. That build-up can block the ventilation and cause your fireplace to build-up too much heat which stresses the parts exposed to high temperatures.

Tuneups and cleanings ensure your fireplace will last longer because it’s not straining to function through clogged vents, cracked crowns or mortars, or unwanted moisture build-up. Having your propane provider perform an inspection ensures that the propane gas fireplace is running safely in your home and will have a longer lifespan.

Schedule your fireplace maintenance in the summer

Propane companies are quiet in the summer months. Once fall comes, there will be an influx of installs and deliveries that can make arranging a fireplace inspection a pain for your schedule.

Since the majority of homeowners schedule in the fall, that means more service technicians will be busy too. Signing up for an inspection in the summertime allows for more scheduling leeway. You’ll have a better chance to find a time that works best for you.