Professional maintenance can make your appliances more efficient

Do you have lots of propane appliances in your home?

Are you concerned about safety – and about getting the best value for your money?

Propane is both highly safe and very efficient, so it’s a great fit for Pennsylvania homeowners.

Appliances that use propane should be regularly serviced just like any other major appliance around your property.

From propane furnaces, to hot water heaters, to fireplaces, gas ranges, or dryers – propane can fuel most of your home!

All these devices and more add comfort and convenience to your home. When it comes to any major propane appliance, though, it’s crucial to get expert help rather than doing it yourself or relying on a general “handyman.”

There are plenty of good reasons why!

Why Your Propane Supplier is the First One to Look To For Appliance Help

If you have a propane supplier, trust that they can offer you a lot of expertise on your appliances that others simply can’t match:

  • They know how to get the best performance out of your appliances.
  • They understand the latest trends and when it’s time to trade up.
  • They can keep your older appliances running safely and effectively.
  • They can often provide insight on deals and financing for appliances.

Your propane supplier isn’t just there to keep your tanks full: They also offer plenty of expertise to help you. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits:

Your Propane Supplier Might Offer You a Better Rate

If you have a contract with your propane supplier, they already trust and value you as a customer. Your business is important to them. Because they are familiar with your propane needs and usage, they will not only be more efficient, but they might offer you a better deal!

Your Propane Supplier Can Help You Save Money by Keeping Appliances Efficient

Just like any other type of appliance you can name, propane heaters, stoves, and other items will start to consume more energy over time. This can be caused by internal components starting to wear down or by the beginnings of leaks that should be resolved right away. Whatever the case, a little preventative maintenance can extend an appliance’s life and reduce its operating costs.

Your Propane Supplier Helps Ensure Your Home is Safe

The propane industry works hard to ensure that using propane is as safe as it can possibly be. There are plenty of fail-safes and important procedures to follow that help to keep every propane user out of harm’s way. That said, it’s important to keep a close eye on older appliances and to check the entire propane delivery system when it comes time to switch or add appliances.

Your Propane Supplier Helps Reduce Your Environmental Impact

These days, individuals and businesses alike are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Keeping your appliances efficient not only helps you save money, but can also qualify you for government energy incentives. Over time, you might even find you’ve raised the value of your home by keeping your propane devices in good working order.

Call Kauffman Gas for Help With All Your Propane Needs – We’re Not Just Delivery

General contractors simply don’t have the specialized knowledge you need to get the most from propane technology. While they might be good for some jobs, there are certain things you should leave to the experts.

As the propane supplier of choice for customers all throughout Delaware, Lancaster, and Chester Counties, there’s no propane challenge we haven’t seen before. We can advise you when it’s time to repair, replace, or upgrade any propane-based component.

Need help? Thinking about maintenance or a new heater, stove, or other device?

Whatever your needs are, call or email the experts at Kauffman Gas to speak to the experts.

And yes, we also do propane delivery!