Keep your hot water heater working in tip top shape with regular service

Making sure your propane hot water heater is properly maintained year-round is essential to home comfort. Whenever you feel like your water heater isn’t performing quite up to snuff, it’s important to look to a professional for true expert assistance.

Even if you have experience around the house, it’s important to leave the servicing of your water heater to pros who have years of expertise dealing with water heaters and related systems. From installing your hot water heater to keeping it maintained, hiring a professional will save you time and ensure safety.

Let’s look at some of the big reasons why professional service is a must:

Reduced Likelihood of Breakdowns and Problems in the Future

There are fairly simple DIYs many homeowners handle like draining the hot water heater. But professional service adds up to more consistent, reliable service in the future. By committing to a regular maintenance plan, you make it much less likely that you’ll have to deal with the hefty cost of replacing your water heater. An hour of maintenance could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and make flooding, scalding, and other disasters far less likely. Maintenance can add five or even ten years to the life of your unit.

Greater Energy Efficiency for Your Propane Hot Water Heater

These days, everyone is looking for ways to save some money and protect the environment by reducing energy use. Owners of a propane hot water heater are at an advantage here, since there are many ways the system can be tweaked for superior performance. As an owner, however, signs that your hot water heater isn’t working efficiently might be invisible … at least, until they show up in your monthly heating bill.

Safe, Hands-Off Operation for Your Heater Protects Your Family

Everyone has been in a situation where you adjust the water heater only to find that the shower is too hot. Unfortunately, even having to adjust the heater is often a sign that it needs maintenance – it’s having trouble operating within the usual range of temperatures. A professional can make sure there are no underlying issues and test thing carefully so there’s no risk of that “too hot” shower. No more having to tweak it yourself!

Beat Propane Leaks by Leaving it to The Professionals

It’s not a pleasant subject, but it has to be said: Any time you work with a propane-powered device, there’s at least some possibility that you’ll introduce a leak. Professionals have the tools and training to make sure this won’t happen in the course of keeping your hot water heater in top condition. Although the risk is small, the effects are catastrophe – definitely something any homeowner should consider before starting a DIY project.

Ameteur maintenance can lead to bigger problems

When all is said and done, professional maintenance is the way to go with your propane hot water heater. An annual service contract could save you thousands of dollars over the course of your heater’s life. Even if you only call for service in a pinch, though, the investment is well worth it: Amateur maintenance can do as much damage to your heater as the original problem.

There are plenty of great projects a homeowner can tackle, but getting the most from your hot water heater isn’t one of them. Shocked by a cold shower? It’s time to get on the phone with an expert you can trust – or else your faulty water heater might hang you out to dry!