Springtime Installation Allows for a Better Looking Lawn, Easier Installation, and Convenient Scheduling

Homeowners considering an underground propane tank can schedule their installation anytime between March and October. But as a homeowner, you may be wondering when is the best to put the propane tank in the ground. After all, underground installation requires digging up your lawn and putting a 500+ gallon propane tank in your yard.

Our advice is to schedule your underground propane tank installation in the spring.

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Spring installation gives your lawn more recovery time

After your underground propane tank is installed, a 12x5 patch of unearthed dirt will sit in the middle of your lawn. You’ll probably want to cover that patch with green as soon as your propane gas vendor drives away. Your grass will have more recovery time if your underground propane tank installation is completed in the spring.

A spring propane tank installation allows for grass seed to sprout, and late spring and early summer is the best time to plant grass seed in Pennsylvania and Delaware climates. Also, springs cooler temperatures, plentiful rain, and sunlight are best for growing grass or sod.

Frozen ground delays underground propane tank installation

The bitter weather that greets us at the end of fall limits what we can do outside. Eventually the ground freezes and inhibits any outdoor work such as installing your underground propane tank.

If the ground is frozen, your propane vendor will not be able to excavate your lawn and install the propane tank. The soil conditions are important because propane vendors need to:

  • Ensure the foundation is firm
  • Properly securing the container to prevent movement or “tank floating”
  • Hole is backfilled with rock-free dirt, or other abrasives
  • Container is covered with 1’ or more of earth
  • Place a dome above ground to protect the valve.

Schedule your underground propane tank installation in the spring when the soil in your yard softens up.

Schedule installation on your own terms

Propane companies install more tanks in the fall and less in the spring. You can choose anytime between spring and the middle of fall to install your propane tank, but if you mark your calendar for underground propane tank installation in the sunny off-season you’ll have a more flexible schedule.

This will open up your availability so you can be home when the backhoe operator shows up to unearth the dirt in your yard. You’ll also have some peace of mind because you’ll be able to plan any routine maintenance for your underground propane tank ahead of time. Tank tune-ups prevent any trouble across the board for other appliances you are propane-dependant on, such as:

  • Furnaces/fireplaces
  • Water heaters
  • Cooking appliances
  • Clothes dryers

Keep in the mind the underground tank installation will delay any precision yard work. Getting the installation finished in spring also gives you ample time to do any gardening or landscaping in preparation for the outdoor seasons.