Over 14 million American households use propane as an energy source. With so many people using propane to heat their homes, it is important to keep propane tanks full – especially in the winter.

One of the drawbacks of using propane gas for heating your mobile home is the big propane tanks outside your home. Depending on the propane tank sizes available to you, most of them are a major eyesore.

One of the solutions to having a large propane tank in your yard is community propane tanks. Continue reading to find out more about propane and why propane makes the most sense for your energy needs.

Keeping Propane Tanks Full and Customers Happy

If you are considering which mobile home park you want to move to, seeing how they service propane should be on your list of things to look for.

Having a central system for the development doesn’t only increase curb appeal, but there are other benefits as well. You won’t have propane trucks pulling up to your home each time you need a refill which will free your schedule.

You get monthly statements letting you know how much you owe and they go directly to you so you can see the usage numbers. Since there is no propane tank on your property, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your tank. Home maintenance can be time intensive, and when you add another task, it can be overwhelming.

One of the main things you may notice is that you’ll get cost savings when there is a central gas system. Less trouble for the propane delivery company means they pass the savings on to you.

Who Uses Propane?

Gas grill masters and those that need heat where there is no natural gas connection often find themselves turning to propane. Farmer’s dry crops, control weeds and use propane for waste treatment. Trucks, construction equipment and other commercial vehicles use propane.

Propane is a safe option for your heating needs and whether you live in a mobile home park with a central delivery system or you use a company that delivers to your home, it is a good way to stay warm.

Mobile home park owners will find a major benefit to using a community propane tanks. Not only does it make things easier for the residents of the park but it makes it easier for the owner to monitor propane use and fillings. Ensuring propane tanks are kept full means residents will be happy and safe throughout the winter.

The Benefits of Using Propane in Your Home

If you aren’t quite sold on using propane in your home, here are some of the top benefits you should know about.

1. High-Energy Alternative

Propane has a higher octane rating than you’ll find in gasoline and is a colorless and odorless liquid that vaporizes into gas. You may be confused about the odorless part, but the smell you notice with propane is actually ethyl mercaptan which is an odorant added to propane to aid in leak detection.

Electric heat pumps only deliver air a little warmer than the human body, but propane gives you a constant air supply that is around 115 degrees. Electricity can be slow at reheating water tanks, but propane can do it in under half the time.

As more people turn to propane as a heating option, electricity providers have to take note that there is major competition. The benefits propane provides will continue to speak for itself as more people convert to appliances that use propane.

2. Environmentally Safe

In the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 1992, propane is listed as a clean fuel. Burning cleaner than any other fossil fuels, propane doesn’t contaminate soil or groundwater. Carbon content in propane is low, and there are minimal emissions from propane.

Propane is a great solution for people that are environmentally conscious but don’t want to sacrifice the function of their homes. Being able to maintain and even increase the function in your home all while helping the environment is a major win. Companies and homeowners alike a seeing more of the benefits of using propane for their energy needs.

3. Reliable in an Emergency

Whether a car hits a telephone pole, there is a fallen tree or some other issue comes up; your grid electricity might be out for hours. Not having electricity for hours could be lethal for some people during very cold winter weather. When grid electricity goes out, you don’t have to worry because you have propane to keep you warm.

Any appliances you have the run on propane can also be used even when the electricity is off. Long periods of electricity loss have minimal effect on people that use propane to fuel their homes.

4. Possibility to Save Money

Propane isn’t always the cheaper choice, but there are some cases when you will save money using propane. The only way to know if you will save money using propane vs. electric heat is by careful comparison.

Since every area is different and the price of propane and electric fluctuates, you will need to compare how many btu (for propane) you will use and how many watts (for electric) you will use. Once you have an average idea for both of these you can compare the cost per btu and cost per watt to see which one comes out less expensive.

5. Enjoy Versatility

If you think propane is meant only for outdoor grills, you can get excited now because many household appliances can run off propane. Propane fireplaces give you more heat than a traditional fireplace and keep ash and soot out of your home. Range, ovens, and clothes dryers are also propane friendly.

A propane equipped home gives you many options. If you like the idea of using propane, make sure it is available when you consider moving to a new home.

Your Propane Solution

Now that you understand more about propane tanks, who uses propane, and the benefits of using propane, let us help you. Not everyone has the luxury of a community propane system, and we want to make your life as easy as possible. We make propane installation, delivery and maintenance pain-free so contact us today to get started.

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