Choose a propane company that won’t leave you in the cold

Choosing a new propane gas company is a big decision. It’s not always easy to switch suppliers if you lease your tank. And if you are considering switching, it is probably because you are unhappy with your current supplier.

In most markets, like here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, you have two types of propane gas companies to choose from:

  • A Local Propane Company
  • Regional National Giant

Do you support a local business with great customer service? Or do you rely on the “big tank” company’s national reputation?

We vote local. Here’s why you should choose a local propane company.

Local Propane Companies Deliver Better Customer Service

One of the biggest complaints we hear when a new customer is leaving a “big tank” company is that they got lost in the shuffle. Their questions weren’t answered. Their messages weren’t returned. Too many customer of national propane companies come to expect poor customer service. There are several online threads about bad big-tank propane company experiences (like this one, or this one) where customers lose money and are left on their own.

Small, local companies are known to deliver more personalized, attentive customer service. Why? Because their business depends on it. With a small propane company, your calls are answered by a person, not an answering machine. Your problems are passed to the right person and solved.

If you value customer service, choose a local propane gas company that has great reviews.

Fair Marketing Pricing With Local Propane Companies

We’ve written before about the propane gas bait and switch tactic.

Advertising low prices then hiking up the rates after the first fill up is a shady but common practice many national propane companies adopt. And in general, large propane companies have the ability to hike up propane prices even higher than seasonal norms because of their expansive customer base.

With local propane companies, you are more likely to receive a steady, fair price that reflects the current market price of propane.

Propane Monitoring Program: Never Worry About Running Out of Propane Again
As a small local propane company, Kauffman Gas knows that offering a fair price is the only way. Why? Because happy customers are what makes a local business successful.

Advertising low and raising prices only serves to anger customers.

Buying Local Contributes to Your Community

Buying local services and products benefits you and your local community. Choosing a local propane gas company contributes to the local economy and invests in its people.

Shopping local has many benefits that big national retailers just can’t compare.

Bottom Line: Local Propane Gas Companies are Better for the Community and Better for You

A local propane gas company like Kauffman Gas will deliver better, personalized customer service, fair prices, and help strengthen your community.

If you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania or Northern Delaware, learn how you can become a Kauffman Gas customer.