If you’ve decided to install an underground propane tank, you’ll want to pick the best propane provider for you. This requires doing a bit of background research to find reliable propane providers.

One way to vet your propane supplier is to look at their online reviews or Better Business Bureau (BBB).

But as a propane consumer, you should dive deeper to make sure you are in good hands. Inquire about the performance measures the propane gas company takes when installing your underground propane tank.


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Here are a few performance standards to expect for underground propane tank installation:

Find the best spot to excavate

To install your underground propane tank, a provider needs to dig a big hole in your yard. You need to be able to trust your propane provider knows where to dig before they scoop up your lawn.

But how do they decide where to excavate?

A propane company should consider the size of the hole to be dug depending on what size tank to be installed, and detect an area void of any gas pipelines or electrical lines. There should be a 10-foot buffer between any building or property line and your underground propane tank installation. This includes any home feature that the provider sees as an ignition source to your propane tank, such as an electrical air conditioning unit.

Cover the propane tank with the right material

Though underground tanks aren’t exposed to the outdoors, they’re still in constant contact with harsh elements under the soil. This calls for your propane company ensuring the tank’s in great condition and the backfill is handled properly to prevent short and long-term damage.

If a provider covers your underground propane tank with abrasive soil, containing rocks or other rough debris, it could cause short and long-term damage to your tank. This puts your property at risk for hazards such as gas leaks.

When it’s time to bury your underground propane tank, a good propane gas company will make sure the foundation of dirt all around the gas tank is sturdy and will secure the tank from moving underground. Keep in mind the propane provider should never cover your underground propane tank with on-site dirt, but with their own smoother fill, such as sand.

Ensure your propane tank lasts for the long hall

A good propane gas vendor will also periodically check the sacrificial anode bags they install on the underground propane tank. The ground is filled with natural electric currents that zap through the earth and corrode your propane tank, so the anode bags act as a “sacrifice”, taking on all the harmful currents that would otherwise deteriorate your tank.

But they will only prolong the life of your underground propane tank if they work well. Faultless anodes can last up to 50 years. Find a propane vendor who regularly checks how the anode bag works to protect your underground propane tank.

Track your usage & provide automatic propane delivery

Great service shouldn’t end after your underground propane tank installation. A good propane gas provider will offer more services to improve your customer relationship.

Ask providers if they will install a detector for your propane levels to track your usage. If they do, they likely provide automatic delivery. Automatic propane delivery saves you from running out of gas by replenishing your supply before it is depleted.

This is one less thing for you to worry about and adds extra convenience if they provide e-pay or automatic billing, that way you’ll only need to plan around your underground propane tank installation and routine maintenance.

Set your expectations for ungerground propane tank installation to get your money’s worth

Whether they list it on their services page or in a blog post, click through propane providers’ websites and make sure they detail how they’ll install your underground propane tank. From excavating the dirt to refilling your tank, a trustworthy propane company will make their expertise visible and follow through with the expectations they set.

It’s important you set your own expectations to choose the best candidate. That way you can be sure to receive great service for your money.