So You Want to Move Your Propane Tank Underground…

You’re tired of staring at 1-2 large white propane tanks in your backyard. You wish they were out of sight, out of mind. But you also have concerns. You don’t want to tear up your yard. You don’t want the inconvenience. There are many questions that you probably have before deciding if an underground tank is the best choice for your family. Here are some common questions our customers ask us when they are considering installing an underground propane tank. Read on to ensure you make the right choice.

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9 Common Questions About Underground Propane Tanks

Is an Underground Propane Tank Right For Me?

An underground propane tank is the right fit for you if:

  • Your propane tank is 500+ gallons (most underground propane tank sizes are 500 or 1,000 gallons).
  • You have at least 12x5 feet in your yard to install the tank
  • You have a place to install the tank where it won’t be near vehicles or traffic.
  • You don’t want a propane tank to be seen above ground

What Is the Difference Between Under- and Above-Ground Propane Tanks?

Both underground and above ground tanks are safe and affordable. Choosing between the two comes down to your needs and preferences. Underground propane tanks are popular for homeowners who use at least 600 gallons of propane or more per year and have a 500 gallon tank or larger. Underground tanks are marked by a discreet dome showing about 12 inches off the ground. Above ground propane tanks are typical for residents who use less propane or in areas where the terrain does not allow for an underground tank. Above ground tanks can be easily hidden with creative landscaping or fencing.

Kauffman offers both 500 gallon tanks, like this one, and larger tanks containing 1000 gallons, to best meet the needs of your home or business.

I Don’t Have a 500 Gallon Tank. Is it Smart for Me to Upgrade to a 500 Gallon Underground Propane Tank?

Most companies require a 500 gallon propane tank, or larger, to be installed underground. But if you have 1-2 smaller propane tanks on your property, you might wonder if upgrading is right for you so you can install your propane tank underground. It’s common for your propane needs to change as your family grows or living styles change. For example, many homeowners find they need more propane when their kids become teenagers or come back from college. If this is you, ask your propane supplier what your options are for upgrading to an underground tank. 500 gallon propane tanks are great for:

  • Homes greater than 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Homes with two or more bathrooms
  • Households with four or more people
  • Homes that use propane for whole house heating and one or more appliances

And many homeowners save with a 500 gallon propane tank because they can fill up less often.

How Long Will It Take to Install?

Start to finish – your propane supplier should be in and out within 4-6 hours.  

How Badly Will my Lawn Be Ripped Up?

Professional propane suppliers should work hard to minimize the impact to your yard during installation. Ask for references so you can determine if the technicians are known for being efficient, clean, and respectful of your yard. While you might need to sprinkle some grass seed, the work should be seamless! If you use Kauffman, this step is already done for you. Many companies leave after the hole is filled in, however we make sure that we treat your yard like our own. We lay down seed so that your yard quickly can get back to normal.

Kauffman helps get your lawn will look as good as new and will place the tank where is can be discreetly integrated into your landscaping.

How Often Should the Underground Tank Be Maintained?

Propane tanks are low maintenance – whether they are above or below ground. If you lease your propane tank from your supplier, you should expect a special visit approximately every three years to make sure your underground propane tank is in top shape! The main thing the supplier will check for is that the anode bag is in good shape. This is a “sacrificial” bag that takes the brunt of the earth’s natural electrical currents that would otherwise zap and corrode your propane tank. Having an intact anode bag signifies your propane tank is also in good shape. If your company checks and maintains the tank regularly, the bag and your tank could last up to 50 years.

Take The Next Step

Now that you have had all of your big concerns addressed, you might have questions that are more specific than what we’ve covered here. Or you might be wondering how to go about installing a new underground propane tank. At Kauffman, we are here to help our local community and can help answer any further questions or clarification you need, even if you aren’t our customer. Call Kauffman Gas today for more information about underground tanks and installation, or read this blog post.