When it comes to safe and effective heating, nothing beats a reliable propane tank.

Although some people prefer an in-ground propane tank because it helps save space, an above ground propane tank is usually cheaper and simpler to install.

Having an above ground propane tank means you can inspect it easily and move it if you need to.

Just because you have a propane tank, though, it doesn’t mean you want to look at it all the time.

Propane tanks are convenient, but they’re not very pretty!

Don’t worry: We can suggest lots of great ways to hide your tank.

A Quick Word About Safety

Whether your tank is above ground or underground, there are plenty of creative ways to conceal it. Just remember: Don’t do anything that would obstruct access to the tank or make it harder to use:

  • Don’t block the path or obscure the tank so much service pros might not be able to find it.
  • Don’t put any object directly on top of your tank or allow anything to lean on the tank.
  • Don’t put anything flammable on, near, or around the tank.

Let’s look at some of the top ideas for hiding your propane tank:

Use a Tank Cover

There are actually lots of commercial propane tank covers that have been made especially to help you with this problem. Tank covers made from appropriate, lightweight materials can effectively disguise your tank without making it any harder to use.

For the most part, these covers are made to resemble rocks or wood so they can fit in with your existing landscaping efforts. They run the gamut from fancy “slip covers” to complete covers with a hinged lid for easy access.

Use a small fence with some creative lanscaping to cover your tank

Put Up Some Fencing

One of the easiest ways to make your propane tank easier on the eyes is to use decorative fencing. Wood or metal fencing can be appropriate for the task. You don’t necessarily need a fence to run all the way around the tank: Just use a stretch of fencing to block off the view from the house or road and create a little “hideaway.”

Added benefit: If you have fencing around your tank, it’ll be easier to cover it completely and protect it during heavy rains or snow.

Camouflage your propane tank by painting it via this blog

Paint Your Propane Tank To Make it Blend In

It’s safe to paint most modern propane tanks, but check with your dealer before you start your masterpiece. If you have an artistic side, this is probably the most effective and enjoyable way to give your tank a new look.

It only takes a little paint to turn your tank from something to hide into an exciting part of your landscaping. Check out our Pinterest Page for ideas.

Use Flowers or Grasses

Naturally, you don’t want vines climbing on any propane tank. You can combine fencing with some greenery to effectively shield your above ground propane tank. Hanging a few pots with bright-colored flowers will distract the eye enough that casual visitors might not even realize what they’re looking at.

Think your Propane Tank is Just Too Big? Ask Your Supplier!

If you think you don’t need a propane tank so large, check in with your supplier. Your propane needs may change as

In many cases, the smallest tank that meets your needs will also be the most efficient option.

Choosing the right tank size means figuring out your monthly propane usage. Check out 4 Different Propane Tank Sizes and Their Common Uses to learn more.