Purchase propane at a fixed rate before the cold arrives

The harsh 2014 Winter came early and left late – dumping nearly 70 inches of snow in our area and making “polar vortex” the most hated buzz word of the season. The long winter also contributed to a national propane shortage that rocketed prices to “more than $4.00/gallon” in some areas and left many companies out of gas.

In the height of winter, rising propane prices can put a major dent in your heating budget. But you can manage your propane budget and potentially save hundreds of dollars by pre-buying your propane.

One set price for the entire season

Pre-buy programs allow you to purchase propane gas in advance at a set price per gallon. This means prices will not go up when the prevailing market rate spikes in January and February (though your price won’t go down when it decreases).

Many propane companies offer a limited number of gallons available for pre-sale. You must place a minimum order of set gallons (400 gallons, for Kauffman Gas) in order to qualify for these programs. Ordering in large quantities helps keep prices low.

Purchase the right quantity for your lifestyle

Estimating how much propane you will need for an entire season might seem like a shot in the dark, but your propane dealer can help ensure you order just the right amount. Based on your history, your dealer will review your usage and recommend the appropriate number of gallons to purchase based on your history. You can order less, or more if you’d like. However, if you run out of gas due to a cold snap or under-ordering, you can purchase additional gallons at market price.

Pre-buying is an insurance plan, not a guarantee

More times than not, pre-buying propane saves you money when winter prices rise. However, we have seen cases where higher-than-average temperatures result in lower propane prices. Think of pre-buying like an insurance plan – you might not always need to buy it, but when you face a sky high heating bill, you’ll be glad you did.

Plan ahead and save

While the warm weather may keep your mind off your heating costs for now, pre-buying your propane can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Kauffman Gas offers our pre-buy program from August until mid-September, or until the gallons for that price are sold out. Contact Kauffman today to learn more.

Propane on your budget

If pre-buying propane doesn’t fit your needs or budget, Kauffman also offers a 10-month budget plan that allows you to spread your payments over several months, rather than one large sum up front. The budget plan is not applicable when you pre-buy propane.