Pennsylvania propane users have options when it comes to their propane supplier.

Considering how popular propane gas is – 48 million U.S. households use it – it’s no surprise there are plenty of local and national brands to choose from.

Despite it all, though, the best quality and price comes from a local propane company.

Let’s look at the reasons why:

Supporting Local Businesses Contributes to the Community

Believe it or not, small businesses provide 55% of U.S. jobs! Research from Penn State shows small businesses create faster economic growth in local communities than large companies with headquarters located outside the state.

Compared to out-of-state enterprises, local small businesses pump more money into the economy and encourage the development of new local ventures in allied sectors.

Local Business Means Better Customer Support

When you have to call a large, national brand, you have to jump through hoops to get to a real human being. There’s no telling where the call is redirected to or whether the rep will know anything about your issue.

By contrast, local companies have a strong incentive to deliver on every customer call.

They may have only a fraction of the online reviews of the big guy, so they have to prove themselves to you AND all the other potential customers out there. People always check a company’s reputation before buying, so each and every customer contact makes a difference.

When calling a local enterprise, you’re much more likely to encounter an informed service rep who offers sincere empathy and a real solution to your problem. Their success depends on your success.

No less a source than the Harvard Business Review says small businesses do better in customer service.

In fact, 52.7% of those surveyed recognized better customer service from local firms.

Local Brands are More Familiar With You

The larger a company’s service area, the more difficult it is for them to match you up with the services that matter the most to you.

Every community is different, and each customer has their own needs – but a large national supplier probably doesn’t much more about you than your zip code and purchase history.

Not a great start to a relationship!

Local companies have the time and resources to really understand their customers and care that they’re getting the best experience.

Here at Kauffman Gas, for example, we work harder – making sure we know every customer by name and really understand their individual needs.

That also means suggesting services that will really improve your quality of life … all without the “hard sell” of the national brands.

Should you really settle for anything less?

You Get Better and Fairer Pricing Locally

You might think larger brands have more leeway to offer the best propane prices because they have a larger supply of propane gas to work with.

The truth often turns out to be the opposite!

Big national suppliers have to add lots of overhead into everything they do, including the cost of transporting propane from one place to another. That could be thousands of miles.

By comparison, local businesses can keep operations lean and focus on providing for the needs of their community.

That leads to great benefits like loyalty discounts and bulk pricing.

The Bottom Line? Local is Better for Pennsylvania Propane

Kauffman Gas offers propane gas delivery for folks in Chester County, Lancaster County, and parts of Delaware County, PA.

As an established, local propane company, our service quality is second to none.

See what a difference a local propane supplier can make. Become a customer of Kauffman Gas!