3 reasons to hire a pro to install a new hot water tank in your home

Installing a new hot water heater isn’t as simple as other home updates. Hiring a professional to install your new hot water heater means it will be installed properly and safely. This saves you time, and in the long run, could saves you money.

Why you should hire a pro purchase and install your new hot water heater

1. Pro will tell you what size water heater you need before you buy

Choosing the right size hot water heater means faster hot water recovery time and energy savings. A pro will tell you what size hot water heater is right for you before you buy and make sure your investment is smart.

2. Pro installs = No leaking from your hot water heater

Improper installation of a hot water heater puts you at risk for fuel leaks, water leaks, and insufficient venting. No one wants to clean up a messy water leak in their basement — that’s a big inconvenience.

But fuel leaks and insufficient venting for your hot water heater put your family at risk for gas leaks and carbon monoxide. Having a professional install your hot water heater ensures that all valves and hoses will be properly attached.

3. You have someone to turn to if something goes wrong

When your hot water heater needs maintenance (which it does every few years), you’ll have a relationship with a hot water heater professional that can ensure your appliance is efficient and working properly.

4. Bonus: Professional hot water heater installation could be more economical

The average cost of a 50 Gallon hot water heater is $600-$700. If you DIY, you’ll save a few hundred dollars in labor costs to install your new hot water heater. But is it worth the opportunity cost of 5+ hours on your Saturday?

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Why Not to DIY Hot Water Heater Installation

If you’re a DIY home improver at heart and are still not convinced that a pro install is the way to go, here are some other considerations.

  • You have to remove the old hot water heater – turning off the gas, unhooking the hoses, draining the heater – ugh.
  • You have to transport the new hot water heater – off of the truck, into the house, down the basement stairs – bahh.
  • You have to hook up the new hot water heater – read the instruction manual, “Where’s my wrench? (in your back pocket, dear)”, “Honey, have you seen my reading glasses?! (on your head, dear).” – Goodbye Saturday off!
  • You have to get rid of your old hot water heater – up the stairs, into the truck, and to the appliance recycle center – finally!
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Professional hot water heater installation saves time & ensures safety

Between running the kids to soccer practice, swim meets, and play days, getting dinner on the table and making sure homework is finished on Sunday night – do you really have time to purchase, transport, and install a new hot water heater?
Instead of dedicating your Saturday afternoon to the hot water heater instruction manual and misplacing your wrench for the umteenth time – have a professional save you the time and headache!