Fewer emissions, better fuel efficiency make propane a popular alternative fuel with many applications

Propane gas is an environmentally friendly energy source that has applications in so many facets of our daily life. From growing the food we eat, to delivering and cooking it, to heating our water and washing our clothes, propane gas is a versatile energy source that can help reduce our carbon footprint.

You might already know that propane is a clean burning fuel source that is sustainable, economical, and produces few emissions, but you might not know about these innovative new applications and propane-fueled technologies.

Trucks, Buses, and Car Fleets

Fewer emissions and better fuel efficiency are among the reasons there are more than 147,000 propane-fueled vehicles in the US alone.

Propane autogas for for truck, bus, and car fleets emit 10% fewer greenhouse gases and require less maintenance costs than gasoline and diesel vehicles.

In Pennsylvania, Governer Corbett awarded more than $3 million in Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants to 33 companies, counties, and organizations to encourage the switch to propane and other alternative fuels. In our area, the grants will help fund:

  • 50 propane school buses in the greater Philadelphia area
  • 73 propane vehicle conversions and 8 new propane vehicles for Keystone Quality Transport
  • 10 vehicle conversions for Shipley Energy Company Hanover

While converting to propane gas has proven to be a good solution for larger fleets of vehicles (airport shuttles, police car fleets, and delivery trucks to name a few) it is not yet economical for the average consumer. Conversion costs can range from $4,000-$12,000.

Lawn Mowers

Keeping things green is what lawn care and landscaping companies do best – and that’s why many are making the switch to propane-fueled mowers and lawn care equipment.

Compared to gasoline mowers, propane mowers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and carbon monoxide emissions by 80%. Lower operating costs, fewer emissions, and reduced fuel spills make propane-fueled lawn mowers a smart choice for the environment and for lawn care companies’ bottom line.


If you use propane for your home heating and appliances, a propane-fueled residential generator could be a convenient, energy efficient choice in the event of a power outage. Propane generators can operate off of your home’s propane supply, so you don’t need to worry about additional fuel.

Construction professionals and contractors that rely heavily on power tools benefit from the energy efficiency of portable propane generators. These generators have up to 50 hours per week of average operational time. There are several incentives available for homewoners and home builders to use propane during construction and to run their homes.

Sustainable, energy efficient applications

Propane emits fewer greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, and particulate emissions than conventional alternatives. From the farm, to the roads, to your own home and yard, propane is constantly being innovated to provide better, more fuel efficient products.