Many of our fondest summer memories revolve around cookouts—friends and family in the backyard basking in the sun, the scent of barbecue wafting through the air. Keep the memories going with these delicious grilling ideas and propane safety tips.

Kick your grilling up a notch

Becoming the ultimate grill master will surely earn you kudos from your friends & family. Make them want to kiss the cook with these grilling tips:

  • Grill with woodchips to achieve a deep, smokey flavor on meats and veggies. Quick how-to on achieving this on a propane grill.
  • Make a slight indentation in the center of the burger so the middle does not puff up too much. Get inspired with these 12 delicious burger recipes.
  • Use a grill basket for fish, veggies, fruits, and other items that might fall through your grill rack.

Checking your propane level

Many modern propane tanks have gauges to help you monitor your propane level. But if your grilling it old school, here’s a tip to make sure you don’t run out of gas mid-meal. If you’re planning on grilling this Labor Day weekend, we have a safe and easy way to check the propane level in the tank of your gas grill — all it takes is a bathroom scale.

  • Take your scale outside to your grill and weigh your gas tank. (Don’t bring your gas tank inside!)
  • Under 20 lbs means the tank is almost empty
  • 40lbs means a full tank

Out of gas? Call Kauffman Gas to fill you up.

Keep grilling safe

Propane grills are generally safe to cook on and be around. But to be sure you and your family are safe, follow these guidelines:

  • Only use your propane grill outdoors
  • Keep children & pets away from grill while cooking.
  • Clean leftover food and fat from your grill to avoid grease fires and flareups
  • Secure your cylinder to avoid spillage or accidents
  • Close the cylinder valve before turning off grill knobs. This ensures there is no leftover gas in the line.
  • Check your propane hose for a leak. View this quick video tutorial to learn how. If you smell gas while cooking, turn off the cylinder immediately and get your tank serviced.

Grill on, my friend

Now that you are well equipped with grilling inspiration and propane safety know-how, go outside and fire up that grill.

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