Propane customers who need frequent refills may feel fed up with monitoring their tank levels. Many of them might wish their provider offered an automated replacement to will-call delivery.

Many services these days have automatic updates, payments, renewals, and so on. Why not have your propane refills scheduled automatically so you don’t have to worry about it?

Automatic propane delivery is a sure option for people whose calendar is cluttered and need to simplify their schedule by opting for this convenient service.

Propane Monitoring Program: Never Worry About Running Out of Propane Again

Here’s why you should choose automatic propane delivery:

Avoid running out of propane gas

With automatic propane delivery, your provider predicts when you’ll need your refills based on your tank size and usage history.

The propane provider will track your tank capacity until it’s below a certain percentage (such as 30% capacity), and then come out to replenish your propane. You won’t have to worry about scheduling again.

Neither you nor your provider needs to check your tank levels, everything is done automatically. Your provider will refill your tank before you know you’re low, and you’ll never have to call your propane provider with an urgent, “out-of-gas” request.

Avoid special delivery fees

Automatic propane delivery eliminates the special fees charged for deliveries outside your regular service. Because your propane provider plans automatic propane refills based on your propane usage, you won’t get hit with the large fees you see with emergency refill requests.

Emergency deliveries (or last minute requests for expedited deliveries when you’re running very low on propane) will cost more the shorter the time crunch. For instance, a 24-hour emergency delivery can have a few hundred dollar special delivery fee attached to it depending on the propane provider.

However, with Kauffman Gas, there are emergency delivery services without special delivery fees, specifically for our customers with backup generators in areas prone to blackouts.

Automatic propane delivery with Kauffman Gas

Automatic propane tank refill and delivery is an efficient and reliable way to receive your propane gas. Kauffman’s service accurately and consistently predicts your propane usage: only the gas you need refilled when you need it.

Kauffman offers two convenient payment plans you can choose from when setting up your propane delivery:

  • Budget Plan – pay even payments over the 10 months
  • Pre-buy program – purchase your propane at a fixed rate for the remainder the year.

These are offered to work for your budget. You don’t have to worry about when to schedule a propane refill or when to pay your service fees as propane prices increase and demand is high in the winter.