Kauffman Gas honored our 75th anniversary with a celebration that was filled with fun, food, and lots of giveaways.

Kauffman Gas invited all of our customers on Friday, June 29th to join us for a customer appreciation day. Drawn by the promise of free propane, customers hailed from all corners of Kauffman’s delivery area to attend.

Reliving the Festivities

Approximately 500 attendees poured in all day long. Guests were treated to food and drinks, as well as a tank refill station.

Free 20 lb. propane tank refills were offered to any customer attending the event. While their tanks were being filled, guests were encouraged to check out the cornhole contest and tent with Kauffman merchandise.

Cornhole winners were awarded 75th anniversary t-shirts, but those who weren’t able to clinch a win received a complimentary can koozie. Other merchandise, like t-shirts and lighters, was also available for purchase.

Guests enjoyed a hot dog or two while they waited for their tank to be filled. Shade tents were also set up to give attendees a brief respite from the sun.

A Community of Loyal Customers

By the end of the day, about 367 tanks had been filled, totaling 1,725 gallons of propane given away to devoted customers.

The friendly atmosphere created by Kauffman Gas and our patrons made the anniversary event more than just an opportunity to get free propane.

“Attendees were all smiles, not only enjoying the prospect of free propane but feeling as if they were part of the community as well,” said Chris Kauffman, Vice President.

“It was very busy and hot but the staff were all friendly and welcoming and helped carry people’s tanks back and forth with a smile,” one of the attendees said.

The customer appreciation day event has become an annual tradition for Kauffman Gas, with this year’s being the fourth one. The continued success of these events owes credit to the loyalty Kauffman Gas has earned from 75 years of close-knit relations with our customers and our enthusiasm towards giving back to the community.

Ken Kauffman and the other Kauffman Gas employees were ecstatic to see so many of their patrons come out to support the event. The company could not be happier in how the event turned out.