More efficient water heaters save you money and worry

The Department of Energy has upped the bar for fuel efficiency standards on all water heaters manufactured after April 16, 2015. Starting just in time for Earth Day, manufacturers will be required to meet the increased efficiency standards on all residential water heaters they produce.

Here’s what’s going to change about newly manufactured hot water heaters:

  • Additional Insulation and tighter seals to prevent heat loss
  • Slightly larger in size
  • Electronic ignition in place of pilot light (No more dealing with a finicky pilot light that keeps going out!)

Much of these higher standards are quite technical so we’ve boiled it down to 5 things that will affect you:

New water heaters will save money

As is the case with most energy initiatives today, there’s going to be an upfront cost in order to reap the benefits in the long run. A cost/benefit analysis done by the DOE shows an overall net benefit to consumers. These new standards will raise the cost of a water heater by about $120, but will save $143 over the life of the heater.

Greater efficiency to cut greenhouse gasses significantly

The new efficiency standards are expected to reduces CO2 emissions significantly. Over the next 30 years, the Department of Energy estimates that carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by 173 million metric tons which is the equivalent of taking 46 million cars off the road for one year.

The sooner you buy, the more you’ll save

If your current water heater is old and you’re anticipating getting a new one sometime soon, now is the time to buy. Over the next 30 years, this new water heater is expected to result in $63 billion in energy bill savings for consumers.

New water heaters will be slightly larger

The newer units being manufactured are a few inches larger in diameter. It might not sound like much, but if you’re water heater is in a tight space like a narrow closet, upgrading to the newer models could be problematic.

Big water heaters will save the most

Large families that shower everyday (I highly recommend it) need bigger heaters to support their hot water usage. Water heaters greater than 55 gallons will feel the biggest increases in energy efficiency. The new water heater’s energy factor has increased by 2 points which is going to save consumers a substantial amount of money over time.