Propane is the fuel of choice for people all around Pennsylvania – and there are good reasons behind it!

Sure, we know there are other fuel sources out there. When all is said and done, though, propane has advantages others don’t.

At Kauffman Gas, we want everyone to make an informed fuel decision that’s best for them. That often means introducing people to the unique benefits propane heat offers. So, why is propane so great?

Here’s our take on the top five reasons:

1) Propane is Clean Fuel

Propane has been designated as a clean alternative fuel by the U.S. Department of Energy. It costs less per gallon than gasoline and has a higher octane rating – so it’s better for the environment and your wallet at every stage of production and use.

2) Propane Heat Comes from America

America remains vulnerable to disruptions of its oil and gasoline supply, but propane is different. U.S. propane production is expected to grow 9% by 2025. The U.S. has so much propane, it exports millions of barrels daily to places worldwide.

About 60 million people use propane in the United States, and 350,000 industrial sites rely on it. 500,000 people work in the oil and gas industry, with average earnings exceeding $34 per hour.

It’s a fact: Propane jobs are desirable, sustainable, and good for communities and families!

3) Propane is Incredibly Abundant

As oil supplies near the Earth’s surface dwindle, getting to what’s left is costly and time-consuming. Some wonder if usable oil will eventually run out. By comparison, there’s still trillions of cubic feet of propane gas to access; 90% of U.S. propane is produced domestically.

4) Propane is Versatile

Propane heat for the home is propane’s most popular use, but it can do much more:

There’s tons of propane gas appliances available. Many of them are much more efficient and cheaper to maintain than oil or electric models. There’s almost nothing that propane can’t do!

5) Propane Heat is Safe and Secure

Propane is one of the easiest and safest fuel sources to use. With a few simple precautions, accidents are very rare. In the event of a leak, all propane includes an added scent that will alert you to the danger right away.

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