The weather just started to cool down. We’re all enjoying breezy fall temperatures.You might remember to dress in your sweatshirt or heavier clothes when you leave for work during the chilly mornings.

But you’re probably not thinking about scheduling propane furnace maintenance. That’s a winter time to-do, right?


There are many good reasons to schedule your propane gas furnace maintenance now instead of waiting until the frigid months when you really depend on your propane furnace.

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Here are 5 reasons to you should plan your propane furnace repair or maintenance before wintertime:

1. Save money on your propane bill

You haven’t been using your furnace for months – it’s built up dust and dirt in the air filters. Residue from last year’s usage might even be blocking its ventilation.

Propane furnace maintenance will clean out blockages and replace worn down internal components. Afterwards, your propane gas furnace will run more efficiently.

An efficient propane furnace won’t waste your dollars spent on propane, so you’ll save money you would have otherwise burned (pun intended).

This is especially true with unpredictable fall and winter temperatures that might force you to crank your furnace on earlier than expected. Scheduling your propane furnace maintenance now means your furnace will be cleaned up sooner and you’ll be prepared for when you need it most.

2. Extend the lifetime value of your propane furnace

Your furnace check-up looks to reduce waste and maintain safety for your home by:

  • Changing air filters
  • Cleaning unblocked vents
  • Checking for gas line leaks

These practices not only turn your propane furnace into an efficient money saver, but they prolong the health of your propane appliance.

Running a dirty or faulty furnace will just wear the appliance down. If you wait until winter for furnace maintenance but need to use your furnace beforehand, you risk shortening the appliance’s lifespan.

Propane furnace maintenance will extend how long your furnace will last over the long-haul. You’ll put off the years until you need to replace your furnace by staying on top of check-ups. Save yourself the few thousand dollars it costs to replace by scheduling your propane furnace maintenance in the fall!

3. Ensure your propane furnace is safe to use before you need it

Inspecting your furnace for cracks and blockages isn’t just about ensuring efficient energy use. The wear and tear of usage can become hazardous if ignored, especially if you have an older furnace.

Propane burns safely. But if you’re using an appliance with blocked vents, cracks, or gas line leaks; it can become a fire hazard or emit toxic fumes you and your family do not want to breathe.

4. Increase your home’s appeal with a smooth running propane furnace

An older furnace can be a deal-breaker if you’re planning to sell your house. As the seller, you could lose money on your offer if your furnace is in bad working shape.

A well-maintained furnace with a track record of tune-ups can give prospective buyers reassurance and peace of mind that your furnace isn’t a good reason to look at other homes. It can be a contributing factor to the amount of the offer for your home.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, make sure you can vouch for the state of your furnace. We recommend sticking with a professional when servicing appliances, so call your propane provider instead of your neighborhood handyman.

5. Capitalize on winter deals for propane appliance tune-ups

You already have a contract with your propane provider. They’re always going to look for ways to keep your business and make sure you’re a happy customer.

Your provider might offer you “early sign-up” discounts for your propane furnace maintenance or other deals for appliance tune-ups for winter prep.

Don’t hold off on your propane furnace maintenance and miss out on special offers a valued customer can benefit from.

Fall propane furnace maintenance cuts costs for your winter home heating

A propane furnace that runs efficiently will use less propane. So planning ahead and scheduling propane furnace maintenance with your propane provider in the fall gives you a jumpstart on saving money when propane prices (typically) spike in the winter.

But beyond keeping your piggy bank full, early propane furnace maintenance keeps your family safe and gives you some peace of mind.

If you schedule your propane furnace maintenance early, you’ll have more leeway to get it running smoothly before an unexpected part replacement sets you back or the temperature drops. That way you can ensure all propane furnace work is complete before you need to turn it on.