Cold weather setting in means that the cost of propane and other heating fuels will be on the rise.
While there is no magic wand for you to control the market prices, there are a few ways that you can control your
propane costs this winter.

Propane prices are expected to rise Winter 2017

Persistent cold this winter will increase demand, shorten supply, and drive prices up. At this point, propane prices are already higher than they were last year. And with a colder winter ahead, propane users can expect to spend more money on heating fuel.

But with a little planning ahead, you can save money on your propane bill.

Propane Monitoring Program: Never Worry About Running Out of Propane Again

3 Tips on Saving Money on Propane Gas

1. Fill Up Before Propane Prices Hit Their Peak

Buying propane in November or December when prices are lower can help you save money later on. Propane prices at the end of the year are typically 10-20 cents lower than peak prices in January and February.

If you fill your tank up earlier, you can likely use that propane for most of the winter. If you do have to do an intermediate fill up, it won’t necessarily be a full tank.

2. Don’t Let Yourself Run Out of Propane Gas

Running out of propane gas isn’t just an inconvenience for you, it adds up to a big cost. When you run out of propane gas and need an emergency refill, you end up paying more for the propane.

For starters, when you run out of gas, the propane company is mandated to check your propane gas lines and connection for leaks. This can be an additional $40-$100.

You might also be charged for same day or emergency delivery.

To prevent yourself from running out of propane gas, learn how to check the level on your propane gauge.

3. Make Inexpensive Energy Efficient Improvements to Your Home

Using less propane gas is a sure fire way to save money. And one way you can use less propane is to make your home more energy efficient. Aside from expensive upgrades like energy efficient appliances or new windows, there are a number of inexpensive and fast ways you can improve your home.

  • Weatherstrip your doors and windows so cold air doesn’t get in and warm air doesn’t escape.
  • Choose a programmable thermostat to control the temperature of your home. Set the thermostat to sync with your schedule.
  • Schedule maintenance on your propane appliances to keep them running at peak efficiency.

You Can’t Control the Market, But You Can be a Smarter Buyer

We expect propane prices to rise this winter and stay high for the duration of the season. While we can’t forecast any specific prices at this time, an upward trend is all but certain. You can’t control this. But what you can control is how you purchase propane in response to the market and keep your home efficient!