Reduced emissions, affordable fuel costs, and lower maintenance costs are just a few reasons why propane is used as an alternative fuel source for light weight vehicles and commercial fleets across the nation. National and statewide incentives help drive the use of alternatively fueled vehicle fleets by companies and organizations.

Recently, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett approved $3 million in grants to 33 companies and organization to promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles. These funds will help drive the use of clean vehicles and determine the feasibility of adopting these vehicles in more situations state wide.

Video about propane powered fleets across the nation

Here are a few examples of how propane-fueled vehicles will be used in the Keystone State.

1. 50 propane-fueled school buses in Philadelphia

School children in 6 Pennsylvania counties will be riding green on 50 new propane-fueled school buses in the coming school year. The AFIG grants helped add these clean fleets to Philadelphia area schools, joining districts near Pittsburgh and across the nation that have already adopted propane buses.

Transportation cost savings have been significant for school districts already using propane-fueled fleets. $6,500 yearly fuel savings per bus were reported for one school district in Phoenix, AZ – that’s about $4.43 million expected savings over 5 years!

With more than 30,000 school buses in Pennsylvania that transport over 1 million students on a yearly basis, cutting emissions and costs vehicles is an excellent place to start making a change.

2. Clean burning para-transit and emergency vehicles hit the streets

Low maintenance and reliable service are essential for companies that dispatch emergency and para-transit vehicles. The extended documented engine life and low maintenance costs make propane and excellent alternative for these vehicles.

Keystone Quality Transport is making leaps to running a more efficient, green transportation and emergency dispatch fleet. 73 of their vehicles are being converted to propane and 8 new propane vehicles are being purchased with help of this grant.

3. Dedicated and Bi-fuel vehicles replacing diesel hog delivery trucks

Heavy duty diesel trucks that produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and have high fuel costs. While the clean diesel movement has made these trucks cleaner, tightened emissions requirements make propane a viable alternative for these large load vehicles.

Dedicated propane delivery trucks in Pennsylvania are set to displace tens of thousands of gallons of diesel each year. Replacing diesel with propane will drastically reduce emissions from these fuel hogs. One company in Chicago replaced 22 trucks in their fleet with propane. Consequently, these trucks will produce2 million fewer pounds of carbon dioxide in their lifetime.

Taking steps toward a cleaner Pennsylvania

New innovations are constantly helping us move towards a cleaner environment. Alternative fuel vehicles can help reduce harmful emissions for millions of vehicles on the road. How else do you think propane can be applied to facilitate a cleaner Pennsylvania?