You’re probably reading this because you’re not satisfied with your current propane gas provider. If you’re getting hit with spiked propane prices, nickel-and-diming fees, or just bad service…

It’s time to switch propane providers.

It’s understandable if you begin to worry about sitting in limbo between service contracts. What if there is a service interruption and a hassle when you switch?

It would be a major inconvenience if you had a time gap without propane since you use propane to heat your whole home and appliances.

Propane Monitoring Program: Never Worry About Running Out of Propane Again

Save yourself the hassle by planning your propane company switch, so any change in service is seamless.

Here’s how you can switch propane companies without service interruptions:

Step 1: Sign up with a new propane provider before tank removal

After you break it off with your old propane provider, make sure you’ve lined up your new company, so they’re ready to swoop in and take their place.

  • Evaluate a few propane companies before breaking up with your old one
  • Sign on with a new provider immediately after you terminate your old contract

Ask your old propane provider which day they will remove or excavate your propane tank. Informing the new company that you’ll need a new tank is an important point to bring up when you’re signing the new service contract.

We recommend you keep your new propane provider in the loop of what you will need. That way they can pencil your installation in their schedule at a convenient time for you.

Step 2: Schedule propane tank removal & installation on the same day

Your new propane company should work with you to schedule a same-day installation so you can avoid service interruptions.

You won’t have to worry about any interruptions if your new propane provider installs your tank restocks your propane supply quickly. You’ll only be out of propane for a few hours (maybe less).

This way, you can go about your day knowing that you now have a better propane provider supporting you.

Step 3: Ask if your new propane provider will cover switching costs

Sometimes the biggest thing that stops customers from switching propane providers is the cost. Contract termination fees can stack up, especially if you’re bound to a contract with a national propane gas giant.

Big-name propane companies will practically pick your wallet with termination fees. If that wasn’t enough, they usually provide worse service and charging higher prices than local providers.

Find a new local provider who’s willing to help cover switching cost, even if they can only pay a slice of the switching fees.

This financial lift can make it easier to say yes to the new, quality provider and say “good riddance” to the old one. It also shows the new provider stands behind their service enough to pay for you to sign on as one of their valued customers.

Enjoy the freedom of a better propane service

When you switch from one propane gas provider to another, always plan ahead so you can skip over any service interruptions. This will make the leap to another to a quality propane service provider seamless.

The less time you spend worrying about your propane service contract, the more time you can enjoying family cookouts with your propane grill or relaxing around your propane gas fireplace.

Kauffman makes switching easy because of 3 factors:

  • We pay up to $500 of your switching fees
  • We offer free underground propane tank installation
  • We can install the same day your old tank is removed

With Kauffman Gas as your propane provider, we won’t charge you up and down with unnecessary service fees. In fact, we’ll make paying for your propane service easier, especially when propane prices fluctuate, with the customer payment plans we offer.