Propane consumers in Pennsylvania and other US regions affected by limited supply, price spikes

Throughout the Midwest and Northeast, propane gas has been in short supply since the beginning of winter. Propane suppliers and distributors are having difficulty finding fuel; residents who depend on propane to fuel their home are worried about depleting their supply. Learn what the propane shortage means for the market in your region and as a Kauffman Gas customer.

1. Shortage due to extreme winter weather, fall harvest

US propane stocks were lower than average at the start of winter. Increased demand throughout the season has depleted propane supply to a record low.

  • A wetter than normal corn harvest in the Midwest and other regions required farmers to use more propane to dry corn, lowering the supply for the winter season.
  • Continued frigid temperatures and arctic blasts increase demand for fuel and heat in our area.

2. Prices spiked for suppliers and residents

Pennsylvania residents have seen propane gas prices spike 10.2% since November due to an early onset of cold in December and the arctic blasts that whipped through the Northeast in January. Increased demand paired with the limited supply made prices soar to a record high for wholesalers and residents, especially on the East Coast where supply is the lowest.

3. Propane delivery periods extended in PA

To ensure propane suppliers can keep up with increased residential demand due to the cold weather, Governor Corbett issued a waiver that extends the delivery period for propane drivers. The driving limit was extended to 14 hours per day to ensure residents homes are fueled and heated. The waiver extends until January 25.

Precautions Kauffman Gas has taken to respond to propane gas shortage

Kauffman Gas has never run out of propane in our 75 year history. While we and our customers are affected by the propane shortage, we have implemented precautions as your supplier to ensure your propane needs are met.

Our customers come first

We are committed to placing the needs of our current customers first. With the limited amount of propane in the market, we want to ensure your homes are fueled first. Therefore, we are not accepting new customers at this time.

Leveraged buying power gives us purchasing priority

Kauffman Gas leverages our combined buying power with our supplier to ensure we get fair rates and purchasing priority. In other words, because we consistently purchase such high quantities of propane, our orders are given precedence over other suppliers.

Adequate supply for our delivery loads

We closely follow market trends and have monitored our supply throughout the season. Currently, we have a large ratio of storage to delivery gallons – meaning that we have more than adequate storage for the amount (in gallons) of our weekly deliveries.

If you have any additional questions on how the propane gas shortage affects you, please contact us.