If you’re a propane customer who also uses a backup generator for their home and your propane provider doesn’t have an emergency propane delivery program, you could be in some trouble during a power outage.

While the backup generator will power your home for a few hours, they also drain your propane tank capacity quickly.

You need to have a way to refuel your propane if the outage lasts more than a few hours.


Propane Monitoring Program: Never Worry About Running Out of Propane Again

How backup generators benefit propane customers

Backup generators make sense if you’re home is prone to power outages. When the power goes out, propane generators benefit homeowners by keeping the lights on and saving you money on potential food spoilage. The type of generator you choose (portable or stationary) depends on your propane usage and what you want to power.

Even if you are conservative with power use, the generator can only last for a few hours before you will need a propane refill. If you run out, you’re left in the dark (which is not what you signed up for when you bought the generator).

A company that offers emergency propane delivery can make sure you are on the list to get your propane refilled in the event of a blackout.

Customers with backup generators need emergency propane delivery

An automatic propane gas delivery program is one way your propane company can track your usage and prepare for emergencies.

When you enroll, they install a monitor on your tank that alerts them to your usage. When an emergency hits, they can see your usage and schedule your emergency delivery.

Being in an emergency propane delivery propane works in your favor because your propane provider adapts to your situation and refills your tank after-hours when you need it most.This way, you don’t need to call for refills.

What you should expect from an emergency propane delivery services

When a propane provider offers emergency propane delivery, they’ll have to be flexible to work after hours. In an emergency situation, refueling can’t wait until morning.

They’ll more than likely have a separate program for customers like you. Emergency propane delivery means your propane provider will need additional:

  • Locations for propane storage
  • Vehicles for emergency dispatch

These backup resources are needed since power outages usually affect more than one house. Your propane provider will need those extra resources to meet high propane demands from many customers and will need to ensure they can cover the worst case scenarios.

Emergency propane delivery with Kauffman Gas

Kauffman Gas has tested propane monitors and has used the one that helps our service to our customers best. Kauffman’s Backup Generator Program monitors clients with propane backup generators to a higher degree so that power outages aren’t a problem.

Our monitors signal our dispatch team when a customer’s tank drops below 30% capacity, then we refill the tank. It’s become an incredibly effective program for Kauffman customers. They’ll be there before the stove gets cold.