Propane is an environmentally-friendly and efficient fuel solution for farmers

You may know how you can use propane in your home – but do you know how propane is used to help grow the food on your table?

Propane Gas is used by nearly 900,000 farms across the country. The agriculture industry depends on propane because it is a clean-burning fuel to run their equipment and operation.

Farmers use propane to fuel equipment for operations such as:

  • Production – helping with weed control, insect control, heating, and frost protection.
  • Harvest Processing – keep crops dry, control pests, and sanitize livestock.
  • Irrigation & Maintenance – propane-fueled irrigation systems have proven to be more efficient alternatives.

Impact of the cost on your table

Production costs are a major factor in the aggregate price of the food you purchase. Propane-fueled appliances in the agriculture industry provide farmers with a more cost-effective way to keep up with increased food production demand, therefore keeping costs lower for consumers.

Irrigation, for example, is an essential farm operation that requires large amounts of energy and a high energy cost. Farmers can help control these costs through propane fueled engines that require less maintenance and deliver higher efficiencies. Controlling operation costs is a crucial factor in controlling market price, and propane appliances can help the agriculture industry achieve this.

Environmentally friendly fuel helps reduce our carbon footprint

While sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices are becoming more widespread, the more than 300 million acres of agricultural land in the US are a top contributor to water and air pollution. As a fuel source for irrigation engines, dryers and other farm equipment, propane produces 24% lower Greenhouse Gas emissions than diesel fuel and gasoline engines.

Less fuel, higher efficiencies, and fewer emissions make propane a clean-burning fuel source that helps reduce the carbon footprint of the agriculture industry and our overall footprint as consumers.

Propane Incentives for Farmers

Financial incentives are available for farmers who user propane-fueled technology such as irrigation engines, grain dryers, and greenhouse heaters in their operations. The Propane Education & Research Council’s (PERC) Propane Farm Incentive Program works with farmers to test and record performance data on the equipment to demonstrate the effectiveness and develop new innovations.

Farmers can calculate their cost savings to see the estimated benefits of switching to propane fueled appliances and apply to get involved.

Growing uses of propane

Technology innovations are improving propane-fueled appliances and equipment in your home, on farms, and even on the road. Fleets of propane trucks, buses, and cars are being adopted by schools and consumers because of their lower emissions and maintenance costs. The applications of propane continue to grow and as they do, we become a more independent, environmentally conscious society.