For those of us who are trying to save a buck wherever we can, one of the first places to save is utilities—specifically, the energy bill. Propane already offers homeowners savings because of its efficiency.

In addition to small home improvements to make your home more efficient, many propane gas providers offer budget plans that help their customers save money on their propane bill.

Propane providers put these budget plans in place so that economic factors that make propane prices fluctuate in different seasons don’t hit your bank account hard.

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Here are a few common budget plans in the propane industry. Ask your propane provider which budget plans they offer to help you save.

Pre-buy programs

Pre-buy programs are available in certain months to let you order propane in advance for the heating season at a fixed rate. Pre-ordering propane means you won’t have to deal with seasonal price hikes due to demand.

Many companies make it an option for customers to pre-buy propane at the end of summer or early fall as an “insurance plan” to avoid high winter prices.

Before you decide to pre-buy propane, consider that in some years pre-buy isn’t the best deal. In milder winters, the price of propane might be lower or stay consistent with the pre-buy rate. Make your pre-buy decision at your own discretion.

Even monthly payment programs

Getting hit with a $1,500 propane bill a few times a year is not ideal for everyone. But even monthly payment programs can help you spread out the cost.

Even monthly payment programs allow you to pay the same amount each month for your propane bill.

This type of payment plan is especially for customers who heat their whole houses with propane because of your high usage level. It’s nice to know you can expect the same amount due each month, so there’s no unexpected cost bumps when you need to crank up the heat.

Automatic payment programs

If you have a lot of payments or bills to keep track of and would just like a little more peace of mind, automatic propane payments are for you.

They’re exactly how they sound: payments automatically deducted at a specific time each month.

This could be useful if you’d like to schedule them around pay periods or just don’t want to deal with making manual payments every month.

Early payment discount

Some propane providers will offer a discount if you pay a certain number of days or weeks early, before your delivery or refill.

Usually, this discount takes off a few cents per gallon. So, if you’re not waiting on the next paycheck to pay your propane bill, then why not get the payment out of the way and shave a few bucks off?

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

If your provider works with the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), that means you may be eligible for assistance with your utility bills.

Specifically, HEAP helps low-income people pay the cost of heating their homes. Eligible individuals will get an annual benefit and can also be eligible for assistance if you’re in danger of running out of fuel or having your utility service shut off.

Save on your energy bill in the long-run

In addition to a budget plan, saving how much propane you use can help reduce your propane bill:

Ask your propane provider what budget programs are available

Whether you’re looking to save a buck on your propane bill or are having trouble making your payments, approach your propane provider about budget options.

Not all providers will have the budget options listed in this post, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find one that makes payments feasible or even easy.

Kauffman Gas provides their own Budget Plan that allows you to spread your refill costs evenly over 12 months (flat rate, no worries). We also offer a Pre-buy Program where you can purchase a set number of gallons at a fixed rate to avoid seasonal price spikes.

If you’re interested, visit our payment plans page and then give us a call so we can help you with your account!