As cooler days and changing leaves approach, sitting beside a fireplace is not only a comforting sign of the season, it’s an efficient way to heat your home. Whether you already have a fireplace in your home or are considering adding one, fueling it with propane is a clean, safe, and economical alternative.

Propane fireplaces heat your home efficiently

Propane fireplaces are more efficient than traditional wood burning fireplaces because they convert most of the fuel to usable heat. Much of the heat generated from a wood burning fireplace is lost through the chimney.

The amount of propane you use depends on how cold it is outside and how warm you are attempting to keep the inside. Based on average usage and needs:

  • 30,000 btu fireplaces or room heaters will use approximately 1 gallon every 3 hours.
  • Single fireplaces can expect to use between 100-300 gallons/year.

Keep heating costs low

A propane fireplace can help keep your heating costs low by providing extra warmth to the areas you use most. With a modern, efficient fireplace heating the rooms you use most, you can cut your heating load by 20%-25% area because you won’t have to keep your home system running on high.

Add ambiance without additional maintenance

The convenience and and safety of propane fireplaces are an attractive alternative to wood burning fireplaces. Propane gas fireplaces:

  • involve little maintenance to the fireplace. (Yearly cleanings are recommended.)
  • are safer than wood burning fireplace.
  • leave no messy clean up or ash.
  • have no need for roof ventilation, eliminating the risk of backdraft.
  • are smokeless and keep air inside clean.

Choosing the right fireplace

You have two primary options when it comes to selecting the right propane fireplace for your home.

1. Vented fireplaces

  • require ventilation through the roof or side of the house to vent exhaust, making it a good option if you are looking to convert your traditional fireplace to propane.
  • have an efficiency rating up to 80%
  • give off a large, realistic looking flame

2. Vent-free fireplaces

  • operate without a chimney flue, so you can place them in almost any room.
  • are nearly 100% efficient.
  • give off small, steady flame

Prepare for cooler weather today

Installing a propane fireplace will heat your home efficiently, keep costs down, and add ambiance to any room. Don’t wait until the chill is in the air! Install a propane fireplace an stay warm all season long.

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